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About Cecile de Villiers

My name is Cecile de Villiers, and I am an artist based in the Cape Town area, South Africa.  I work mostly in oil paint.

I strive to provide beauty and joy through my art and hope to expand my knowledge and creative expertise across all endeavours.  

My love for creating art started in school.  I especially loved the technical drawing class where I learned how to render a three-dimensional object on a flat surface.  From 2008 to 2017 I took Sculpting art classes combining my love for art and engineering.  However, in 2016 I did an Old Masters oil painting workshop and I rediscovered my love for colour and painting; since that day I have to paint like I have to breathe. 

Bio: About


17 October 1979  -


2002 BEng (Engineering)
2010 MBA


South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE)
Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)
South African Society of Artists (SASA)
SA Portrait Society

Workshops Attended


Landscapes by Dale Elliott 


Old Masters: Portrait Painting by Revalle Beaton


Summer School at Creative Arts Atelier

Botanical Watercolour Illustration by Willie Schlechter

Street Scenes by Ina Wilken

Abstract by Nadia Viljoen

Figure Painting by Revalle Beaton

Old Masters: Portrait Painting by Revalle Beaton

​Still-life by Sonja Frenz

​Old Masters: Still life by Mal Reynolds​

Impressionist Workshop by Mal Reynolds


Summer School at Creative Arts Atelier

Portrait Painting by Revalle Beaton

Abstract Painting by Revalle Beaton

Koi Fish by Mal Reynolds

Red/Green by Ina Wilken

Old Masters: Portrait Painting by Revalle Beaton

Contemporary Portrait by Helena Jordaan

Impressionist Landscapes by Tony Durrheim 

Landscapes by Mal Reynolds

Yellow/Purple by Ina Wilken

Figure Studies by Revalle Beaton


Portrait Painting tutorial by  Andrew Tishler

Still-life by Ina Wilken

Animal Portrait by Helena Jordaan

Van Gogh Landscape by Ina Wilken

Palet Knife Birds by Mal Reynolds

Delphiniums by Ina Wilken

Cubism by Ina Wilken

Tulips in Glass by Ina Wilken


Monet by Ina Wilken

Van Gogh by Ina Wilken

Abstract Seascape by Ina Wilken

Abstract Landscape by Ina Wilken

Abstract Flowers by Ina Wilken

Daffodils by Ina Wilken

Karoo Landscape by Ina Wilken


Guineafowl  by Ina Wilken

Venice Street Scene by Ina Wilken

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Wet Paintbrushes

Mark Twain

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear"

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