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Cecile De Villiers

Born in 1979 in Cape Town, South Africa

Resides and works in Cape Town, South Africa

Selected exhibitions:

2024, O.S.D. 2, Bellville, South Africa [upcoming].

2023, O.S.D. 1, Bellville, South Africa.

2018, Creative Arts Atelier (group exhibition), Durbanville, South Africa.


Cecile De Villiers features in various national and international private collections.

Contact details:



Cape Town

South Africa



Artist Statement

Cecile De Villiers creates artwork that embodies themes of hope, resilience, and beauty, utilising vibrant colours and dynamic compositions to inspire and uplift. The artist incorporates symbols of growth, renewal, and the uplifting power of art, aiming to resonate with viewers and encourage a sense of optimism and connection with the world's enduring beauty.

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